Profile in the Thermicco system is the best 8-chamber system on the market with unique thermal insulation properties.

Uw 0,78 W/m2K | 8 chamber | 90 mm wide | 3 gaskets

The advantages of profile

  • Unique design
  • 90 mm wide profile system with a third seal – central
  • The applicability of many types of glass packages with a thickness of 22 mm to 44 mm
  • The best thermal insulation coefficient on the market for this profile class: Uf=0,97 W/m2K (with 44 mm glazing unit) Uw = 0,78 W/m2K of the reference window with width of 1230 mm, height of 1480 with glazing unit 44 mm/Ug=0,6 and SWISSPACER V distance frame
  • Sash with an extended reinforcement chamber, increasing the rigidity of the windows and allowing the production of all properly designed structures
  • Solid glazing in the subframe without additional adapters
  • The core of the profile matching the color of decorative foils
  • The offer includes three core colors: white, caramel, and dark brown
  • Seals in gray or black
  • A wide range of decorative foils